In addition to routine soft tissue surgeries. We do fracture repairs, medial patellar luxation, cruciate surgery, tumor removal and some eye surgery, total ear canal ablation (TECA), vulvoplasty, and other surgeries.

Abdominal Surgeries

Stuart  092322

Stuart was referred to us for a splenic tumor and splenectomy. Our team spent over 2 hours removing the largest tumor seen by Dr. Reid in his 45 year career. I'm happy to say he has done very well and back today (092622) for a follow up visit . His tumor weighed approximately 18 pounds!

Orthopedic Surgeries


This sweet girl came to us with a soft tissue bandage, without any internal fixation needed to stabilize the fracture, in pain and unable to bear weight in her affected leg. She is now in the last stages of recovery, running around pain-free and back to her old self again. When she is completely healed we will remove the rod.

Pepper has now had her rod removed and going home for the last time related to his broken leg incident.