We hope your pet will provide much love, companionship and live a long, healthy life.


  • Your pet needs to grow bone structure to last a lifetime. Do not try to save money by feeding an inexpensive food during the growing months.   Dog Food Advisor and Best Cat Food Reviews 2022 are excellent websites to check ratings on about pet foods.
  • Our American Natural Premium for puppies is rated 4.5 and is affordable.
  • And for your cat Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets are available here and rated in the top 10 cat foods by review.
    • Feed meals, preferably three times a day until the pup is four months old, then go to two daily.
    • Take away remaining food in 10 minutes. This will minimize tarter build-up on teeth.
    • Also, dry food builds tarter less than canned. Semi Moist is the worst.

See Your Veterinarian

  • Get your pet used to having ears, mouth and entire body handled. This ensures when your veterinarian performs a health examination your pet is not surprised or confused by being handled.
  • Your veterinarian will also recommend vaccinations to prevent disease and products to prevent parasites. 
  • We are here to help in any way we can. Feel free to ask for advice.

Dental Care

  • We see many pets in terminal kidney (renal) failure due to periodontal (dental) infection. It is hard to visualize that their clean white puppy teeth will be coated with tarter, and the gums infected in a few short years, but it happens very frequently. Kidney failure can be treated, but prevention is much better, and will save you money. 
  • Get a pet toothpaste which will not foam and does not contain fluoride. Use a small child's toothbrush and begin to brush when the pup is less than three months old. Try to do this daily. It is almost impossible to start when a dog is several years old.